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Location:Hilliard, Florida, United States of America

Player Information

Contact: Crypt58 (AIM)
Timezone: EST
Character Information
Name: Full name of the character, aliases, etc. Saleh

Fandom: Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones

Gender: Male

Age: Unspecified (Presumably between late teens and early twenties)

Time Period: Chapter 12, Eirika's Route

History: Here's a link with meager stuff. Saleh is a powerful sage from the mountain village of Caer Pelyn, and the grandson of the village elder. He is also the guardian of the Manakete named Myrrh, and the teacher of a pupil named Ewan. Throughout the first half of the game, he is wandering the continent in search of the missing Myrrh after they had been separated in a battle during their investigation of "a dark energy flowing in the south." He joins Eirika's party after learning that Myrrh is traveling with Ephraim and follows them the rest of the way after reuniting with Myrrh and defeating the Demon King.

Personality: After living in the mountains throughout his life, Saleh has far transcended the need for selfish material pleasure. Instead, he finds his fulfillment by worshipping the Great Dragon, an entity who has saved the world from evil centuries ago, but mankind has all but forgotton. He also finds enlightment by practicing "Valega," a contemplation of the harmony of heaven and earth, body and spirit, contemplating oneself, and envisioning all creation. The Valega also enables him to understand himself by understanding the world around him.

Saleh doesn't speak much, but he can speak freely in conversation. He knows that words are only on the surface, and that truth lives within the heart. He is able to sense a person's talents or character from their heart or their eyes. He rarely smiles, but he always demonstrates kindness and consideration towards others.

As Ewan's teacher, Saleh demonstrates extreme patience. Ewan tends to be reckless at times, using too much magic, which exhausts him. And he had once taken Saleh's book and dropped it in the river, thus ruining it. Despite Ewan being such a troublesome rascal, Saleh recognizes Ewan's natural talent simply by looking into his eyes, and remains confident that Ewan will one day surpass him. Of course Saleh emphasizes that it all hinges on Ewan's efforts.

Saleh is just as calm as the mountains he lives in. He has immense magical power, but is not particularly vocal about it. He neither downplays nor shows off his expertise, but instead sees all people as equals.

Saleh does realize that he isn't perfect, as he suffers from a guilt complex after accidentally killing a mercenary. He has somewhat atoned for it by rescuing Gerik, a friend of said mercenary, and the two became friends themselves. However, Saleh still tortures himself for the incident from time to time, although Gerik has long since forgiven him.

All in all, Saleh is somewhat like a human angel.
Luceti Information

Current Residence: Community Housing Building 5, Floor 1, Room 5
Housemates: None
Wing Color: Yellow-green
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